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Finding My Way to the World of Beauty

On my fifth birthday my parents took me to a salon to have my hair done. When I walked into the door I was immediately fascinated by the smell of hair spray, the music, and the girls with their go-go boots, long lashes, and mountains of rich curls. The girls were having coffee and wine and hors d’oeuvres. When I was done I looked like a doll and the memory has stayed with me all these years. After that day I always looked forward to special occasions when I would get to re-experience the salon life.

When I became a teenager my father realized that it would be cheaper to open a salon than to pay for me and my other five sisters to visit other salons. Time went by and I became a weekend helper- splitting my time between the salon and attending university. I received a Masters in business and made a successful career for myself in the hospitality industry which allowed me an opportunity to develop my other talent- Cooking!

As the years past, I kept searching for the newest looks and trends for skin and hair care. I was always the last one to get ready for a night out, because I spent a lot of time working on my friends’ hair and nails. I threw myself into the task of recreating dinner and evening looks that dazzled.

Fifteen years ago I had a dream… I wanted to own a salon and spa that fulfilled the needs of each person, tailored to the uniqueness of their lifestyle, their budget, their way of living and most of all the way they feel.

I dreamed of a sacred sanctuary, where mothers could find that special and so wanted “me time”, where wives could feel beautiful, pampered and sexy!

I dreamed of a place that will make you feel you had a vacation, but most of all, a place that will encourage you to remember “yourself”.

With joy and satisfaction, I would like to present your own special place, where dreams are realized, Kapila Salon & Day Spa.

I realized in that moment that I needed a job that allowed me to be me again and at the same time take care of my family. At the time my hairdresser was going through a divorce and I had mentioned that when my daughter started school I was looking at opening a salon. This was in January and by May I already had a salon! Getting to that point had been a bumpy yet exciting rollercoaster that spanned across most of my life. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, I have been fortunate to spend the last nine years training with the best teachers and Academies the industry has to offer through North America.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people because I get the best of both worlds- taking care of my family and fulfilling a passion at work that helps people transform themselves. And I get paid to do it. Every guest in our salon is treated like a celebrity. Every service we perform is an opportunity to create a masterpiece and touch someone’s life. I get to be part of their most precious moments in their lives- birthdays, graduations, weddings, funeral, engagements etc. I am very honoured to share in these moments.

Life is a special occasion and we are here to make sure that you are always ready for it.

Thank you,

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