Welcome to My Blog - Kapila Salon & Day Spa
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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

Well…… Hello everyone!

It only took me 11 years to sit in front of my computer and connect with all of you through my blog. My baby girl is my youngest and is now 19 years old! She is beautiful, funny, smart, and passionate for life. This website went life on September 24, 2010, and I was supposed to right my first contribution to this blog by the end of that month! It has been on my “TO DO LIST”, on my agendas, marketing meetings, brainstorming sessions, business plans, ever since! 


As I am sitting writing there is “Smoke in my Eyes” and tears of JOY because I finally did it! Procrastination, laziness, distraction, lack of commitment, lack of integrity were not the ingredients— The commitment and dedication to my family, were the ingredients. I am a mother of five and WONDER WOMAN will be an apprentice compared to me or You! I know that many of you can relate to this story. It didn’t matter how much I planned, scheduled, post it 250 times in front of my desk, talked about it, promised to myself– “I will start on Monday” …………. Life got on the way. 

My Life

Three of the five are now happily married and have kids of their own. I am blessed with five grandchildren and the two youngest ones are now adults and self sufficient! I can finally sit down and write!!!!!! 

Kapila Salon and Day Spa celebrate its 18 birthday on July 15, and besides my family and running Kapila on a day to day basis, I also gave priority to my constant and extensive trainings and be able to offer you the best service and most informed recommendations suited to your needs, wants, longings and desire. 

It is a reason for great joy and satisfaction every time I hear “Oh my God, I love it. That is exactly what I wanted” from one of my “Client/Guest”. I consider myself very lucky to be able bring to life and manifest Your masterpiece. 

It is 1:30 in the morning and I love the quietness, stillness, and peace of the hour. I can hear the beautiful sound of “Silence”.  

My Blog

I will meet you here once a month through the magic of modern communication!

Thank you and be good to Yourself!


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