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Normal cell regeneration occurs on average every 30 days. As a general rule, professional exfoliation is recommended every 4 to 5 weeks or when seasonal changes occur, but may be prescribed more frequently during specific concentrate treatment sessions.

Mechanical Peelings… Include in your facial as needed. Granulated paste that promote the gentle removal of exfoliating cells. Enzymatic Peelings… include in your facial as needed. A unique blend of pineapple, papaya enzymes and fruit acid liquid.

Superior Peeling Dermolyse
Individual Application $50.00
Added to your facial $40.00
Set of 8 Treatments $250.00

A Biological Peeling from Digestine enzymes that dissolve and digest surface cells and promote cellular renewal. Recommended 6 to 8 consecutive treatments.

Biological Peeling Glycolic Acid
Added to your facial $80.00
Set of 6 Treatments $420.00

A very powerful exfoliant with properties to penetrate the second layer of the skin.

Dermique Micro-abrasion Treatment
Added to your facial $60.00
Complete Set of Treatments $300.00

100% natural micro abrasion, promotes new cell growth and healing while oxygenating your skin.


Vitamin C and Matrigel Bromatix Mask
Treatment of six $250.00
Individual Treatment $50.00

Increases flow of oxygen to the skin, brightens complexion, strengthens tissues.

Lightening Bromatix Hyperpigmentation Mask
Treatment of six $250.00
Individual Treatment $50.00

Botanical group of active ingredients that lightens pigmentation safely.

Collagent and Elastin Mask

Long term anti-wrinkle, healing support structure and strengthening effects.

Matri-Laure Bromatix Revitalizing and Nourishing Mask
Treatment of six $250.00
Individual Treatment $50.00

Complex sugars and proteins with a therapeutic effect. Balances hydration, repairs sun damage, healing action.

Bio-Laure Frieze Dried Treatments
Treatment of six $250.00
Individual Treatment $50.00

For Oily, Acne, Mature, Dehydrated or Damaged Skin. A mixture of vitamins and minerals to restore and maintain healthy and radiant skin. Nourish, improve cellular respiration, eliminate toxins, normalize cell renewal, increase skin absorption capacity.

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