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At Kapila we have researched quality skin care products that are affordable and available in the market to bring you the results that you can see and feel. We believe, and have proven, that you don’t need fifty skin care products to be effective. You need the right mix of products used correctly and consistently, accompanied by your regular professional treatment. Our skin care lines that complement each other are developed from botanical and marine extracts, blended with vitamins and bio-elements.


Kapila Signature Facial
(1 1/2 – 2 Hours) $75

Skin analysis and treatment customized to your skin type. Cleansing, exfoliating, steam extractions (if needed), customized mask hydrating serums, treatment cream massage. The “must” every four weeks treatment to maintain youthful, healthy looking skin. Our signature facial includes a complimentary paraffin treatment for your hands and/or feet. Enjoy!

Kapila Spa Facial
(2 Hours) $100

Our signature facial topped by 25 minutes relaxation back, neck and head massage. Includes hands and/or feet paraffin treatment.

Rejuvenating Revitalizing Peel Facial
Deep Cleansing Swedish Facial

This deep cleansing facial is sure to soothe and smooth dry or worn skin. Relax and enjoy as our treatment cleans and brightens your complexion.

Lightening Treatment

Aquafolia Treatments

High performance, intelligent care designed for estheticians and dermatologists to meet the anti-aging needs of combination, oily and acne-prone skin. This award winning skin care line is made in Canada. Aquafolia products have an undeniable advantage over others. Why? Because our formulas produce visible results, taking into consideration the laws of skin absorption and they respect the integrity of the skin.

Sensitive Skin Clinical Treatments

A soothing treatment that focuses on three aspects: anti-Wrinkle, anti-Blemish, and anti-Redness.

Aqua Rescue Treatment

For mature and sensitive skin. SOS care with an ultra gentle texture bursting with elements that repair, desensitize, restructure, and visibly fights the aging process.

Facial Treatments with Cellcosment and Cellmen

Rely on the skilled hands of our certified skin therapists with age-defying treatments. This high-tech cosmeceutical skincare is imported from Switzerland and combines the ingredients of Active Stabilised Bi-Intergal Cells, Phyto and Marine extract, and 100% pure and natural essential oils to create truly unique blends. This will offer you incomparable efficacy for anti-age revitalization and body contour definition.

Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age CellFacial
(1 1/2 hour) $225.00

Customized luxury cellular treatment designed for revitalization, anti-age prevention, and skin complexion enhancement. Includes complimentary Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age CellHand and nail reinforcement treatment.

Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen Treatment
(1 1/2 hour) $150.00

This highly moisturizing and firming treatment dramatically improves natural skin hydration and helps restore skin’s strength and elasticity. Includes complimentary Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age CellHand and nail reinforcement treatment.

Swiss Radiance Revealer Treatment
(1 hour) $125.00

Execptional “coup d’eclat”. Reveals radiant and glowing complexion and redefines face contours. Includes complimentary hand or foot massage.

Swiss Lightening Elasto-Collagen Treatment
(1 1/2 hour) $150.00

Performant Skin Lightener and Pigmentation spot eraser. Focuses on attenuating skin discolourations and spots. Lightens natural skin tones and moisturizes and re-firms skin tissue. Includes complimentary Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age CellHand and nail reinforcement treatment.

Swiss Ultrasonic Revival Treatment
(1 1/2 hour) $200.00

With specific skin pretreatment and specific electrostimulating massage. Drains, lifts, and thoroughly revitalizes skin to provide new tone to the skin. Repairs the effects of aging and defines facial features and contours. Includes complimentary hand or foot massage.

Swiss Relaxing Anti-Stress Treatment
(1 hour) $80.00

Luxiouriously relaxing, moisturizes and erases signs of fatigue and sun exposure. Relieves muscular tensions. Includes complimentary hand or foot massage.

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